Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs breed medium size only

When available, puppies will

be advertised here.

Is there nothing better than a kid and their dog. A friend to share the laughter, mop up the tears, be there when no one else is, understand you better than anyone else and be the best ever cuddler.

The Australian Cobberdog were bred to be a child's best friend.

They are a gentle breed of sweet temperament, goofy when a human laugh is needed, highly intelligent, non-aggressive and highly trainable.

They are large enough to get out of the way of a teenage boy's big feet, yet soft enough to sit beside a young girl learning her letters.


Ausmate Australian Cobberdog puppies are raised with love, gentleness, mental and physical stimulation so they can go out into the big wide world and achieve what their owners wish them to be.



Cobi from the Colours Of Light litter



Kimichi from the Barcoo litter






Raised underfoot; gently handled daily;

Spoken and sung too constantly;

Clean, healthy environment;

Used to normal house noises, tv, phones, cleaning

Desensitised to loud noises and bangs









Lots of cuddles and human contact

Used to hearing lots of laughter and joy

Raised with children

Raised with cats, turkeys, chooks






"Spring Hills Starlite Sky"

Perfection in Pose



"Great Mates Joey"

Always time for some gardening





Ausmate 'My County' litter playing in their ball pit


Contact Details


near Dubbo  NSW  Australia

M: 0416 279 377 - NO txt messages please

E: [email protected]